Brand Guidelines

Visual identity – Brands and logos

RMZ is about ‘being the change’ and redefining lifestyles. The brand mark – particularly the logo – must be a distinct reflection of this.

Use of white space

Enough white space around the logo highlights the brand identity and enhances visual appeal. A clutter free space with no other visual elements around it is thus the requirement,


The logo should always be used in accordance with the given colours and should never be interfered with or modified. Please refer to the brand guidelines for examples of what not to do with the use of the logo.

Primary colour range

The given colours make up the primary palette for the brand logo and corporate stationary. Care must be taken to follow a subtle and minimalist approach in the usage of colours.

Secondary colour range

The given colour palette is to be incorporated in all corporate and business level communications. Discretion can be used for inclusion of the colours in combination or as a single shade.

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