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If you’re looking to join an award winning company where people truly care about making a difference and share a common commitment to quality and best-in-class service, then you may be ready for RMZ Corp. As one of India’s Largest Real Estate developer, RMZ Corp is an industry leader that rewards people for innovation, knowledge and integrity. Our vision is to be the most dynamic real estate organization in the market by exceeding the expectations of our customers, colleagues and stakeholders in an entrepreneurial working environment.

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RMZ as a leader in the real estate sector provides endless opportunities for professional growth in promising times like these. We embrace an organizational culture that values passion, enthusiasm and a desire to have fun through our work. We support and celebrate each other’s successes, and recognize the contributions of those whose efforts help make them happen.

At RMZ Corp we are proud of our long-standing commitment to corporate social responsibility. We look for people who believe in giving back to the communities in which we work and live, which is another reason why we are an employer of choice for so many . We consciously make efforts to bring about positive change in the lives of our stakeholders and to contribute to our society and our environment

We take pride in offering comprehensive benefits and progressive compensation packages that reward and recognize talent. Our tailored leadership development programs are designed to ensure our people continuously learn and grow. It is no wonder that there are so many tenured employees who have been with our organization for their entire career. These motivated people seek rewarding work; enjoy new challenges and a team attitude that is truly second to none.



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Work Culture

At RMZ Corp, we have a performance-driven culture and provide excellent opportunities for professionals to perform in a flourishing competitive environment. We believe that people are our most valuable assets. We encourage our employees to contribute towards organizational goals as well as their professional and personal goals. Our people-friendly initiatives help employees to attain all-round development.

We are committed to creating outstanding returns for both our investors and staff. Fostering an environment in which this can happen requires values, policies and programs that promote trust, integrity and respect in our business practices and relationships.

RMZ continues to be a dynamic and vibrant entity that has constantly striven constantly to stay ahead through a combination of quality, excellence, innovation and technology. And right through our journey of success, we have believed in inculcating certain core values and principles in our human capital resource

At RMZ, we look for lateral thinkers who can add value to our business and processes; have an excellent teamwork ethic, and are driven to take our organization and their careers to new heights. We consider all three elements to be equally important for the mutual growth and success of the company and the individual. We create this mutuality of interest, not just with salary compensations that match the best in the industry, but also with rigorous training, counseling, and creation of opportunities to sharpen and polish skills.


Providing the highest quality and service requires that RMZ maintain the highest ethical and professional standards in conducting company affairs. We are guided in this by the following principles: Company business will be conducted with integrity and honesty and comply with all applicable laws in a manner that exclude considerations of personal advantage or gain; all staff should accept professional responsibility for their individual decisions and actions, role model ethical conduct, exercise good citizenship and make every effort to advocate the highest ethical standards throughout the entire organization.

Core Values

The RMZ standard represents the real estate benchmark for Value Creation, Integrity, Service and Quality for all our customers. The RMZ employee is the greatest example of the RMZ standard and is the company’s most valuable asset.The Core Values at RMZ are:

  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • High Performance
  • People
  • Transparency
  • Product

People’s Team and Initiatives

at RMZ Corp

People's Team

We call our HR as “Peoples Team”. The foundation of our company is built strong by our workforceF. We believe that people are our most valuable assets. We encourage our employees to contribute towards organizational goals as well as their professional and personal goals. Our people-friendly initiatives help employees attain all-round development. The optimization of the company’s needs to that of the needs of the people and thereby deriving great business results is the job of HR at RMZ Corp.

HR Initiatives at RMZ Corp

RMZ Corp is committed to become the best place to work for in next few years and listed below are some of its initiatives towards achieving that dream.

Foundation Program

New employees have immediate access to resources to help them get started – examples include, the New Employee On-boarding foundation programs, and Buddy System to facilitate the New Employee.

Training Initiative

RMZ Corp is known in the industry well for its outstanding training programs. The Training Initiative provides a forum where training methods across the organization are benchmarked, formatted into structured programs, and then disseminated throughout the company. New curriculums are constantly added in response to employee needs.

As a part of resource development strategy, we facilitate in-house and outbound team building programs which are conducted on a regular basis across all levels. Our new leadership development program facilitates the staff to study, and analyses the various international case studies.

Making a difference Committee

At RMZ, various committees are formed to foster better collaboration, team spirit, sharing of knowledge, training and recognition programs and CSR. The staff is actively participating in bringing in the changes.

Recognition and Rewards

Employee recognition is a return on an employee’s effort, dedication at work and results. It is governed by mutual respect and is regularly expressed through a host of simple gestures such as a sincere thank you, as well as symbolically through the receiving of an award. The sincerity of words and acts is what gives recognition its dignity and worth

  • Celebrating staff Birthday and Wedding anniversary by decorating their work
  • Participating in various inters and intra corporate sports events.
  • Cultural Events
  • CSR Initiatives
  • Work-life balance
  • Cross functional program
  • Internal Magazines
Benefits at RMZ corp



Employee Benefits

RMZ strongly believes in sharing the success of the organization with its associates in both monetary and non-monetary terms. Not only do we offer market leading compensation to our employees but with continuous performance management and training facilities we provide immense growth opportunities to our associates. We help our associates to discover and develop their talents by challenging them professionally and by assisting them in managing their careers through various initiatives

Children Education Assistance Policy

RMZ not only cares for its team but also their families, which is reflected through policies like Children Education Assistance Policy wherein financial assistance is provided for all support staff in need for the purpose of educating their children.

Merit Reward Scheme for Employee’s Children

We encourage, motivate, reward and recognize the employees’ children who secure distinction / achieve merit in their education and are destined to be future champions.

Medical Coverage and Personal Accident Insurance Policy

The policy provides for any medical coverage requirements of the team members and the dependent family members. The Personal Accident Insurance Policy covers for unforeseen accidents.

Superannuation Benefit

The company also provides middle and senior management team members with the Superannuation Benefit which is known as Third Retirement Benefit. The member enjoys the pension on retirement and the benefit also goes to his/her dependants.

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