Property development is a core expertise of RMZ Corp. RMZ has extensive property development expertise in the development of Grade A Office Spaces, which it is extending to the other real estate verticals. Our extensive experience allows us to anticipate the requirements of our customers and develop properties that meet them. The quality of our developments, their prime locations and excellent property management make it possible for us to attract and retain the best global corporations including Fortune 500 companies.



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Activities in Property Development:

Property Development comprises a number of activities such as:

  • Land Acquisition
  • Development of buildings
  • Sale or Lease of these properties
  • Property Management / Maintenance

People are one of our biggest assets at RMZ. We have an experienced team proficient in all aspects of real estate development – from development to maintenance.

RMZ Corp has been a leader in the Commercial Office segment since its inception. Our office spaces define the state-of-the-art in the micro-markets they are present in. RMZ is headquartered in Bengaluru, the city considered to be the “Silicon Valley” of India but has expanded its footprints to Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. These are among the fastest-growing cities in the country that provide a healthy demand for Grade A commercial office spaces. RMZ’s projects are located at prime locations in carefully chosen micro-markets in these cities.

In the year 2011, RMZ chose to foray into the residential segment. With the introduction of the brand RMZ Homes, we strive to create homes that reflect RMZ Homes’ motto, "Live Beautifully". Luxury Condominiums, Premium Condominiums and Luxury Villas are amongst the first of our offerings.

RMZ CORP Property Management




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At RMZ corp, we strive to continuously evolve the bouquet of offerings and service levels that our tenants experience.

RMZ Corp provides comprehensive Property Management (PM) services to its tenants. The objective is to ensure that proper care is taken of the health and safety of the occupants of the properties, and they are provided with a world-class work environment.

The Common Area Maintenance (CAM) function at RMZ has been outsourced to professional external agencies such as Jones Lang LaSalle, CBRE, etc. However, there is one difference in the outsourcing model which is that RMZ retains the overall control of the function by having a dedicated RMZ Property Manager at each of its properties. The external agency interacts with the Property Manager who becomes the single point contact for all matters related to Property Management for the said property.

The scope of Property Management services includes:

These services provide for identification of hazards during provision of services, the risks they pose and the proper procedures to be followed by personnel so that the risks are eliminated. These include processes where the personnel are trained and made aware of the hazards and the methods to eliminate the risks they pose; definition of the roles, responsibility, accountability and authority; as also documentation of the implementation and operation of the processes.

These services include handing over premises to tenants as well as takeover of the premises when tenants vacate the same. Also included are:

  • Building Services (for the electro-mechanical systems installed in the buildings)
  • Security and Traffic Management
  • Engineering Support Services (24x7, covering power, water supply, air-conditioning, fire protection systems, elevators, water/sewage treatment and communication facilities)
  • Custodial Services (covering housekeeping services, gardening, pest control services, waste management, plumbing and sanitation, building maintenance, and help desk)
  • Familiarizing tenants with the amenities provided at the campus and the guidelines for using the same (e.g. F&B outlets, ATMs, Supermarkets, Health Club, etc.)
  • Familiarizing tenants with the billing and collection procedures
  • Providing tenants with fit-out guidelines for the internal fit-outs done by them
  • Providing tenants with contact details of Property Management personnel, and also escalation options in case they are not satisfied with the response and service levels.

Paramount importance is given to Environment, Health and Safety considerations during operations, and all statutory/legal/regulatory requirements are complied with.

RMZ Corp is committed to providing a world-class, hygienic ambience and creating a pleasant and conducive environment for the tenants. Soft Services constitute the back-end processes that ensure workplace hygiene and ambience. The Soft Services are delivered by reputed Property Management Companies along with their Service Providers.

These services are divided into:

  • Housekeeping
  • Landscaping
  • Pest Control
  • Help Desk
  • Cafeteria

Emergency situations arise both owing to the fury of nature as well as man-made crises. Emergency situations disrupt the business continuity and can lead to long lasting consequences, often threatening the very existence of a business venture. Through a combination of preventive measures, deterrents, crisis management team, emergency control centre, emergency response team, awareness & training, mock drills and evacuation plans, the Property Management team at RMZ is geared up to meet emergencies so that such situations can be responded to and mitigated efficiently. To this end, RMZ’s Property Management Team has a Command Structure in place. This chain of command activates the Crisis Management Team (CMT) into alert mode, at the outset of an emergency. The CMT monitors the emergency by coordinating with the Emergency Control Centre (ECC) at each of its Projects. The ECC is headed by a designated Fire / Safety Officer, who shall assume command of the emergency, locally.

The components that the policies and procedures seek to address are:

  • Physical Security
  • Vehicle Access, Movement and Parking
  • Material Access and Movement Control
  • Personnel Access Management

The Operations and Maintenance processes seek to ensure that the equipment being used to provide services at the properties is in optimum condition. Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) is carried out with an aim of extending the life and reliability of the facilities, and reducing/eliminating unplanned or ad hoc maintenance. RMZ also follows Predictive Maintenance Practices which include techniques like Thermography and Vibration Analysis, which that enhance the life cycle of equipment. The system is based on the 5M&E system viz. Man, Machine, Material, Method, Measurement and Environment. The focus of this system is on planning, remedy, cause analysis, corrective and preventive actions to eliminate the cause behind problems.

Environmental aspects are those which arise out of Property Management activities and could impact the environment. The PM Team and a Management Representative are involved in identifying environmental aspects of activities and services that can be controlled or influenced by the PM Team at the various projects. Actual and potential aspects based on air emissions, liquid effluents, solid waste, noise, odour, energy, water & consumable material usage and land use and condition, others such as vibration, radiation etc. are evaluated through discussions, experience and reference to industry practices. The PM Team ensures that employees are aware of legal / other requirements, significant environmental aspects and their impacts, critical operational controls, consequences of non-performance, benefits of system commitments and compliance to requirements.

Our Partners

Our Partners

In our endeavour to provide the best-in-class buildings and services to our occupiers we have partnered with the organizations which are leaders in their respective fields. The synergistic benefits of these associations have been invaluable in making RMZ Corp one of the most respected names in the real-estate industry in India.

Capital Partners:

  • Qatar Investment Authority
  • Barings Private Equity Partners
  • Wells Fargo


  • Benoy, UK
  • DP Architects, Singapore
  • HoK, USA
  • Bose International, USA
  • RSP Design Consultants
  • The Buchan Group, Australia
  • Hafeez Contractor, India

Construction Partners

  • Larsen & Toubro
  • Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. Ltd.
  • L&W Construction Pvt. Ltd.

Hospitality Partner:

  • The Ascott Limited (a member of CapitaLand)

Banking Partners:

  • Standard Chartered
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Citibank
  • ICICI Bank
  • State Bank of India
  • Vijaya Bank
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At RMZ Corp, we are focused on creating work space environments at prime locations that cater to our occupiers demands – be it flexibility or utility. This approach pans across all development across every asset class. In addition, we provide stellar property maintenance services for all our assets. All these measures have made RMZ Corp a preferred provider of office spaces for Multi-National Corporations. We strive to extend the expertise gained in the office vertical to other asset classes as well.

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Since continuous improvement is at the core of everything we do, our dedicated Tenant Relations team work with each of our occupiers to publish an annual Office Occupier Survey. This survey allows us to recognize key areas for improvement and drives swift implementation of solutions that cater to our tenant’s every need:

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