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Bangalore, August 01, 2014.

RMZ Corp is future-ready

Arshdeep Sethi, Managing Director – Development, RMZ Corp shared his perspective on the recent announcement made by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley for the development of 100 smart cities across India. 

The Bangalore- based developer is optimistic about the project for a number of reasons and believes that developing better strategies for the creation of new cities is a global imperative since in the future, cities will account for nearly 90 per cent of global population growth, 80 per cent of wealth creation, and 60 per cent of total energy consumption. 

RMZ Corp foresees the creation of both commercial and residential spaces and believes that Indian smart cities need to be developed on the lines of urban centres such as Singapore and Tianjin. Secondly, the move will also stem migration of labour to the city, thanks to abundant opportunities that will be created in Tumkur.

This can be made possible through the integration of the many systems that the city runs on, from urban planning, designing of mobility networks, designing of places for living and work, to electronic, social and energy networks. 

From a purely technical point of view, Tumkur will need to use technology to transform its core systems, where a network of sensors, cameras, wireless devices and data centres form the key infrastructure providing all essential services. 

Being environment-friendly, Tumkur of the future will also have to take care of the environment, energy requirements, water and resource management, recycling of waste, transportation, and use renewable and recyclable materials. It should provide a safe environment with easy access to healthcare and social programmes. Ample educational facilities too will have to be made available. 

RMZ is committed to the environment and sustainable development and develops smart, green buildings that reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint, such as advanced materials and techniques to reduce energy demands, advanced construction techniques to reduce wastage and increase efficiency, analysis of environmental factors such as the movement of the sun, wind patterns, climate, etc. to take the maximum benefit of nature for lighting, material selection, cooling, etc. 

They also imbibe motion sensing lights, advanced cooling technologies, landscaping and rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment plants, using treated water for the landscaped areas and flushing, advanced building management system
Apart from creating green buildings, RMZ also encourages the use of public transport and car-pooling.

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