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RMZ Foundation

RMZ Foundation was established to promote the well-being of humanity throughout the country. To achieve these goals, the Foundation works at the intersection of four focus areas – advance education, revalue ecosystems, secure livelihoods and transform urban development.

RMZ Foundation

RMZ Foundation is on a quest for equality in society and sustainable progress, embodying RMZ Corp’s core philosophy of ‘Being the Change’. For well over a decade, the Foundation has dedicated its existence towards facilitating holistic growth that has made a significant impact in numerous communities. The noble ideals and principles, that have given rise to the organization, remain the driving force behind its unwavering commitment towards changing the world for the better.

Driven by the need to build a better world for everyone, RMZ Foundation is merely an extension of the continuing work of RMZ that it already undertakes to improve the standards of living. Inspired by the work done by the company and the enormous impact on so many lives, RMZ Foundation took flight on the idea that a dedicated charitable wing would allow us to achieve greater goals for the community at large.




"The Earth Does Not Belong To Us. We Belong To The Earth."

--Chief Seattle, The Chief Seattle’S Speech

As a responsible corporate citizen, RMZ Corp is consistently and rigorously incorporating principles of sustainability in all aspects of its business – starting right from site selection, to maximizing the energy efficiency of the assets that it develops and manages.

Our commitment to a green environment is demonstrated when our buildings are conceived and constructed so as to minimize environmental impact. The buildings are designed to maximize open spaces with controlled admission of natural light, thus reducing dependence on energy sources for lighting. Improvised building envelope materials are incorporated in our developmental projects in order to facilitate reduction in energy used for cooling purposes. Furthermore, the usage of recycled building materials and implementation of pollution control mechanisms during construction is standard practice across all RMZ’s properties.

RMZ Corp is a Founding Member of the Indian Green Building Council and is an active member of the US Green Building Council as well.

RMZ endeavours to manage its buildings efficiently and some of the key initiatives undertaken to achieve the same are given below:

  • Building Management Systems to effectively monitor, record and act automatically to reduce energy consumption.
  • Creating awareness among tenants on energy and water consumption patterns, thus enabling them to take informed decisions on cost reduction & optimize energy usage
  • Rain Water Harvesting for recharging ground water table
  • Utilization of treated waste water for gardening and cleaning, thus minimizing water usage
  • Waste segregation at source, facilitating higher potential for recycling of waste
  • 5S Lean Management Program for workplace improvement helps reduce wastage and enhance efficiency in operations

With every passing year, RMZ will push the envelope in its efforts to embrace sustainability and improve its triple bottom line – People, Profit and Planet

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