Welcoming Our Members. We Are Ready When You Are

Note from the Managing Director

Dear Patrons,

The lockdown announced by the Government is likely to ease soon. Our assets have all been operational throughout the lockdown period and we’ve continuously been supporting all your critical and essential operations. We are assuming that there would be some relaxation in the coming days and are, accordingly, preparing ourselves to welcome more members to our assets.

We have highlighted the actions taken for ensuring the safety of all members at our assets. We hope this will be useful to you all.

Please get in touch with the property management team for any clarifications.

Stay safe!

Yours sincerely,

Thirumal Govindraj
Managing Director
RMZ Corp

We're prepared


We’ve been taking precautionary measures!

  • All property management staff required to self-declare that they are in good health.
  • Any staff coming in to work from COVID hotspots to be identified and isolated accordingly.
  • Due diligence to be exercised while rostering staff deputations and rotational shifts, based on health checks and travel history.
  • Adequate stock of PPE for use by the team.
  • Maintaining social distancing at work.
  • Daily temperature screening of staff at the time of entry.
  • Fixed duty rosters for team members, to avoid cross infection.

Deep cleaning of all common areas

Sanitization of contact surfaces in common areas, including:

  • Lobbies and staircases.
  • Common area washrooms and utility rooms.
  • Doorknobs and handles.
  • Access control tripods/turnstiles as applicable.
  • Elevator interiors, especially panels and handrails.
  • Washroom taps and handles.

Our MEP infrastructure is in place

  • All equipment and systems have been maintained as per OEM guidelines during the lockdown.
  • Plumbing, sanitation systems and drains have all been checked.
  • All unused areas are being flushed two-three days in advance.
  • Washroom doors have been fitted so they can be opened and shut by foot.
  • Automatic latches on common area doors are being deactivated so doors can be opened more easily and without use of hands.
  • Lifts are being reprogrammed so they stop at all designated floors, eliminating the need to touch elevator call buttons. In case required, the lift will be called for by an attendants in the lift lobby.

Our food courts are all set

Food court will be operational only post relaxation of norms by the government. In the meanwhile, we are preparing ourselves as follows, so we can swing into action, with safety, as soon as that happens:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing the kitchens.
  • Cleaning and testing all exhausts.
  • Organising medical check-ups and PPE for the staff.
  • Placing hand sanitizers at all outlets and entry points.
  • Tables are marked to ensure social distancing protocols.
  • Queuing-up guidelines to be followed at all counters.
  • Kitchen staff is being trained to follow social distancing while at work.
  • All counters equipped with e-pay options to avoid contact through exchange of money.

Our waste is being managed responsibly

  • We recommend the use of reusable masks by all employees, to reduce wastage.
  • Separate bins have been placed, to collect used masks and gloves. Special liners are being used to prevent contact while handling waste.
  • Utmost care will be exercised while handling the waste.
  • Regular waste will not be accepted if any PPE is found to have been disposed along with it.
  • Guidelines for waste collection and disposal will be sent separately, and must be adhered to.

We’ve got medical support

  • A list of hospitals that are testing for and treating COVID-19 has been made available with the property management team.
  • An ambulance with paramedics is available 24x7 at the site.
  • A helpdesk to address any COVID-19 management- related queries and concerns is available 24x7 at 80959-88861 or 63667-68133 and helpdeskmgr@ rmzcorp.com.
  • Posters and videos are being used as essential tools to spread awareness and highlight all precautionary measures against COVID-19.

Our shuttle services (where provided) are equipped

  • Seating availability will cater to social distancing norms.
  • Social distancing norms to be ensured while boarding and alighting from the buses.
  • Temperature screening, hand sanitization and masks are mandatory before entering the shuttle.
  • The bus crew will be equipped with adequate PPE.
  • Shuttles will be sanitized thrice a day.

How you can help?

  • Implement social distancing demarcations for work stations and decide on a fixed number of employees who will be required to operate from office.
  • Explore the option of working in multiple shifts and use meeting rooms as work spaces, temporarily, while maintaining adequate social distancing, as advised by MHA.
  • Make self-declaration mandatory for all employees, including the contract staff. The same can be facilitated through MEX, should you wish for it.
  • Encourage staff to use personal transport or company transport facilities while strictly adhering to social distancing norms. Follow alternate seating in large vehicles, one person on a two-wheeler and a maximum of two people in a four-wheeler with one sitting in the front and one at the back.
  • Encourage employees to bring food from home. Provide ready-to-cook food items/pre-packed food as a contingency plan, instead of risking being served by external caterers.
  • Avoid using food delivery from unknown sources.
  • Avoid in-person meetings as much as possible.
  • Restrict visitors to office.
  • Re-arrange the lunch/coffee breaks to avoid gatherings.
  • Provide wet disinfectant wipes to staff to disinfect personal items like mobile phones and laptops.
  • Encourage the use of personal cups, water bottles and cutlery. Replace all cups/tumblers/cutlery with single use items. Provide snacks in packets only.
  • Ensure used masks and gloves are collected in separate bins with liners in identifiable colours.

What to expect when you come in

  • Temperature screening at the main lobby for all employees. Employees may be advised to access the building through the main lobby. Use staircase to access the main lobby from car parks.
  • Re-arranged furniture and markings in all common areas of the facility to ensure social distancing.
  • Hand washing/sanitizing will be mandatory before accessing the building.
  • Access to building will be denied to those not wearing masks.
  • Couriers and parcels will not be allowed to floors directly.
  • Use of staircase will be encouraged.

How we will manage visitors?

  • Only visitors with proof of appointment will be allowed.
  • All visitors will be subjected to a thermal screening at the point of entry. Anyone with temperature over 99ºF will not be allowed.
  • Visitors will have to fill out a self-declaration form prior to seeking entry into the building.
  • All visitor guidelines have been affixed at the visitor gates, for perusal.
  • Hand sanitizers are available at the visitor area.
  • No mask, no entry.

What to expect when you come in: Social distancing

Elevators and lift landings




Washrooms and handwash areas




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