Our sustainability practices, that are a result of our core corporate strategy, are directed to address global social, economic and environmental concerns and alongside maximize the energy efficiency of the assets that we develop and manage. Our commitment to a green environment is demonstrated when our buildings are conceived and constructed so as to minimize environmental impact.

“What we do today affects the present as well as future generations. Caring about people and the environment must go hand in hand with our business goals and permeate all our work. This responsibility rests with all of us.”



RMZ has been the first to use the 5S - hitherto a concept used in manufacturing units – in the real estate industry. The process describes how to organize a work space for efficiency and effectiveness by identifying and storing the items used, maintaining the area and items, and sustaining the new order.



LEED Arc is a building performance monitoring and scoring platform, which uses Energy, Water, Waste, Transportation and human experience as parameters to measure the performance of a building. It works as a continuous, visible measurement that helps demonstrate tangible benefits to the customers. In RMZ’s quest to offer services that match global standards, the ARC has proved an effective tool to help benchmark the performance of our buildings. Today, RMZ holds the largest portfolio of assets certified under LEED Arc in India.



Offices usually have a large carbon footprint as they have to cater to the daily needs of a large number of people. However, minimizing the impact on our environment has become imperative. This is where RMZ G+ offices come in, with a myriad of green features to ensure a sustainable work environment.



RMZ aims to create built environments that are a preferred choice with both, corporates as well as the end users—the former favouring our spaces for their aesthetics and robust physical infrastructure, and the latter for the quality of these spaces that enhances, not compromises their health and wellbeing. In keeping with this vision, taking into account the occupants’ wellness, RMZ has become a WELL Portfolio Partner with International Well Building Institute (IWBI), yet another first in India. All of RMZ’s upcoming developments will seek a WELL certification, allowing us to assess, rate and improve the built spaces from the perspective of the end user.



RMZ has designed and successfully implemented an end-to-end waste management system, which allows us to function as a circular economy that focuses on converting waste to resources. So far, we have been able to achieve a conversion rate of 95%, segregating the waste into almost 20 categories and, thereby, recovering the value.



RMZ Corp has embarked on a project to implement a real-time monitoring system for sewage treatment plants. The system uses internet-based technologies (IoT) and a wide array of smart sensors, to collect data pertaining to quality, flow, energy and other environmental indicators from the sewage treatment plants to help optimise water recycling.