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Paving the way to net-zero spaces

For the last 18 years, we, at RMZ are building the future of commercial real estate with sustainable constructions and eco-friendly buildings.

What does ESG
mean at RMZ

We, at RMZ, believe that the global mindset of adopting ESG will deliver long-term value to our business ecosystem as well as the future generations. With sustainable architecture and green buildings in focus, we commit to creating future-ready spaces. It helps us institutionalize, establish principles and best practices across the value chain and organization.

We have aligned our sustainability strategy to translate global needs and ambitions into business solutions across the value chain. We constantly seek to enhance our focus areas to further contribute to our society and environment.


Initiated work on RMZ at Bangalore
First building to get LEED certified
BIM technology applied on all projects
The first developer to receive LEED Arc certification

Our ESG Report

View RMZ’s ‘ESG Report’ that showcases our strategy, approach, and commitment to building safe, green spaces that are future-ready, with sustainability at the core.


Our asset portfolio is inclined towards properties that meet high environmental sustainability standards and our operating businesses are well-positioned towards a net-zero carbon economy for the future.

Our intention is to lead the net-zero transition, for which we have been pushing the boundaries and moving towards sustainable building practices. This includes enhancing our climate change mitigation and monitoring our greenhouse gas emissions across businesses.

With issuances in the sustainable finance market 2022, across green bonds and sustainability-linked debt, we are committed to expanding our green efforts across the spectrum. Some of our assets and investments are well-suited for sustainable financing and we continue to look for opportunities to access capital in this manner.


We have built a positive, open, and inclusive work environment that encourages strong relationships, provides facilitative development, and enables us to benefit from diverse perspectives.

Beyond our employees, we also acknowledge the positive contribution to the communities in which we operate. We invest in philanthropic and community building activities to support the development of our society and increase the engagement of our teams. This focus on diversity and inclusion adds to the positive work environment.

Over the next five years, we aim to double our women representation at the most senior levels of the organization to reinforce a culture of collaboration and enable the development of our employees. The four principles we follow to accomplish this are:

  • Adherence to local requirements
  • Strong safety protocols - often exceeding government requirements
  • Mitigating the risk through continuous reviews of changing protocols
  • Respect for each employee’s privacy


We are improving our detection and response capabilities through the use of automated technologies. Annually, we plan to review our cybersecurity program and have an external party assess our program maturity based on the NIST Cybersecurity framework.

In addition, to continue and keep all employees educated on the importance of cybersecurity, we intend to implement additional training for specific groups. RMZ further protects its environment by enhancing access controls and anti-malware protections.

Finally, we continue to align our business practices with leading frameworks. We demonstrate our commitment by serving as members and active participants in industry forums and other organizations.

Our Commitment
to Sustainability

Our efforts are directed towards generating long-term sustainable value for us, our partners, and our community. We aim to create an ecosystem that is functional, inclusive, and sustainable, in its entirety.

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